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I have helped crystalize insights at meetings and events of all kinds. From small community meetings to large corporate events – fast pressure cooker bursts to day-long sessions.


A good harvest is key when you want to involve stakeholders but when the process is not well thought through there is a high chance of missing the actual target and wasting time and energy. That is why before I start visualizing, I always map out what is driving the need for (visual) clarity. What is the real purpose behind a harvest?



I have helped countless companies, groups and individuals to tell their story in a powerful way by making it visual. 

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When the need to send a clear message is high, a picture can capture the essence and tell a thousand words quickly. When that message is about conveying complex information you need a visual story. That way you make sure the receiver is actually following a certain path of acquiring the right knowledge.



I directed and produced several animations that visually explain certain concepts.



I love challenges. You have one?