Hi I'm Jonas. I live in Amsterdam, where I help to solve problems visually and creatively.


I love to share the things I learn. Currently I help people to think as a designer at Creatives Across and Design a Better Business.

I always want to gather insights as good as possible and am a strong advocator of good harvesting. Currently I help run de ReddingsBrigade you can hire me as a freelance Graphic Recorder & Facilitator.


I really like (co)creating REAL value in a customer-oriented way. That's why I do lot's of prototyping, validation and currently help to build a course at de Bildung Academie.



In a world of complexity... okay, I will skip the mumbo jumbo and get to the point: 99% chance you face situations where you have to get people on the same page, and you probably have to fínd this page in the first place...

Simple rule of thumb: you cannot value, or act on, the things you cannot see. Therefore the solution to create a common vision is making things visual. It's that simple, but this doesn't mean it's easy. Starting today is the only way!

As design thinker, illustrator and learning enthousiast I constantly find myself caught in this quest. That is why I help to make things visual, create clarity and solve problems in the process.


If you're interested in working with me just give me a call or let me know by filling in the form below.

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