I facilitate

design sprints



When people with different backgrounds or stakeholders from different companies want to take joint steps they often lose time and energy in creating a common language and understanding. Facilitating this road can greatly reduce that struggle and lead to faster insights and solutions.

I have (co)designed and run various creative sessions for a broad range of companies and institutions, solo or together with an impromptu team of professional hosts, moderators and facilitators. The Art of Hosting and Theory-U methodology especially has helped me create effective ways of empowering groups and individuals to go above and beyond ordinary efforts.

example projects:


I helped creating prototypes of new business concepts for big corporations to test with real customers at Cisco's 2017 CHILL event in San Fransisco. Together with Thirty-X I also helped to shape the event itself.

"CHILL is an intensely focused innovation experience that is turning the traditional innovation model on its head. It brings together a select group of customers, vendors, designers, and hackers to solve a common industry challenge."



Thirty-X and Business Models Inc asked me to help create the book "Design a Better Business", which is now translated in over 10 languages. I also helped run high-pressure workshops, that teach these methods, together with a team of very talented people from all over the world.

Design a Better Business is a manual stacked with tools give an edge: Design thinking. This is a way of thinking used by Designers that revolves around being flexible, experimenting, prototyping, and testing assumptions in the real world. Design Thinking is the tool organizations need to become agile and innovative.



I love challenges. You have one?